Mulberry Hills Farm

For all your Fall Decorating needs. Pre-Picked and Pick your own Pumpkins and Gourds!

Decorating & Craft Ideas



Fall table settings

Hull out your pumpkin fill with fresh

floral arranging foam, arrange fresh

flowers, fall sprigs & greenery.

Surround your arrangement with

assorted gourds and candy corn for

your guest to enjoy.










 Transform munchkin pumpkins into  votive

cut off each pumpkin's stem, and position

 candle in its depression.

Cover with a clear glass hurricane shade.

Insert floral U pins to hold the  shade in place.






Small Pump-ke-mons can be carved

out for fresh flowers

or fall artificial stems can

be pushed into them  

for table decorations.




Tables can be lit with small pumpkins

 hollowed out, with a votive,

 for a dinner party or wedding. 



 Puffy paint swirled on these pumpkins

along with fall leaves

and taper candles makes a

stunning display for tables or entryways





Add Candles to the top or into

 hollowed out pumpkins,


 add flowers bittersweet

or fall foliage to add accents

any where in your home.






Stacking Pumpkins of diffrent sizes in

your flower  containers makes an

attractive decoration in or outdoors.

Fall flowers, leaves  & small gourds can

 add to these arrangements.





Adding metallic glaze paints in bronze

gold or silver to white or orange

pumpkins adds to the striking

look of these arrangements.





 Add Ribbons in various designs

and sizes to your pumpkins

pain them or leave them their natural color








 Small pumpkins painted

gold with indian corn accents








Pine cones, fall berries and


added to a white plate add a touch

of simple country charm.





Place gourds and pumpkins

 around piliars for a

simple arrangement that looks

like you spent days putting it together.

Use the white varities avaiable or color

whatever suits your decor.




Simply setting the

pumpkin on a

wreath or wrapping

it with a vine of

 bittersweet, makes

an attractive display



Paint your pumpkins with stencils

insert fall sprays of leaves into the

pumpkin for a simple arrangement

planting mums by hollowing out

the top or side of your pumpkin makes

beautiful fall displays indoors or out



 Not using a fire place?

 Assorted pumpkins placed inside

and around the mantel

gives a homey feel.

 Great for a Bed & Breakfast, or Inn.





Simply painting your pumpkins

will keep them fresher longer than carving 






These cannonball pumpkins are decorated with diffrent styles of ribbon glued to them.





White pumpkins decorated with

black paint, makes a great contrast. 







These pumpkins are easy to put

together, but look very fancy







Be creative!


Anything goes!!


Stencils and paint
add a special touch

Use Mog Pog Paste to adhere 

Fall Leaves to your  

Pumpkins or Gourds



Adorning pumpkins with beads or


jewelry findings makes a


dramatic display.

Give your Guest the WELCOME they deserve!!









your guest!


 Greet your guest with a

beautiful autumn display






You can do a little or a lot of work 

anything will make your front entrance

look  like a million,

 just use your imagination







 Personilize your work with small touches

 to WOW your guest!









 Just small things will compliment

your front door and greet your guest

with a warm fall welcome!
















Use  Real or Silk flowers, vines

or Fall Foliage 

















 Accent Pumpkins & Gourds  

and use them for place settings

that can be taken home

by your guest 





Fall Weddings are amazing,

You can make it elegant or simple.

 All white or full of Autumn colors! 





 Make Personal touches with

 carving tools

to celebrate your couple!




  There are no limits to what you can do...

experiment and make the look all your own!





Fall is a time to celebrate!



Hollow out your large

Pumpkins or Gourds 

 fill with ice and

add your favorite beverage!







Choose diffrent ways to cut the tops off

use the lids as decoration beside the bowl 








Fill with candies, dips, soups,



Enjoy all your fall decorating!!