Mulberry Hills Farm

For all your Fall Decorating needs. Pre-Picked and Pick your own Pumpkins and Gourds!

Owned & Operated By Jeff and Angela Phillips Established 1992

 The Farm is a family  ran Business producing

Angus Beef Cattle

Various varities of Pumpkins & Gourds

Soybeans, Wheat and Field Corn 

(Keep scrolling to see all the happings at the farm!)

You never know what we might be getting into at Mulberry Hills

but there is always work, fun and LOTS of laughter!

The Phillips Family...

Jeff, Angela, The 2013 Graduate Abby & Bryce


The furry Phillips kids had to stay home while we were off watching Abby Graduate


 Toddie "The Brat" & Dixie


"The Bossman", Angela & Jeanette

planting 2013 seeds!

 Jeff in the patch making sure

we get it done right!

 The Mr. & Mrs. of Mulberry Hills

Jeff & Angela, hard at work planting

seeds for the 2013 crop!


 There is NEVER a shortage of fun on the farm!!

Always something to do and lots of laughter!! 

 Bryce riding Alvin, Abby's 2013 show steer

Not sure who is having more fun here Alvin or the kids!


 Nothing like a little family Skeet Shooting!

Angela, Jeff, Hunter, Abby, Nette & Brian

We called it Skeetster, had a wonderful family Easter dinner with the

 Phillips, Jenkins, Huffmans & Orebaughs

Then spent the afternoon shooting Skeet!

A few family projects keep the guys busy in the

winter months and bring back years of heritage to the farm

 This antique tractor belonged to Jeff's Grandad, Bryce's Great Granddad

the 1953 Farmall Super C is now back on the farm and LOOK at it now!!

 YES, that is the same tractor!! Much time and many hardworking hands

restored it back to the way it was when it originaly came to the farm!

The winter before this 1957 Farmall 350 was also restored... from this..

Ang & I started out with Jeff hauling us around to plant on the old tractor

above, now we use them all and Bryce  is driving us around too but he isn't

quite as smooth as his Daddy with and his Momma and me riding on the back!!


...To the beauty it is today! This1957 Farmall 350 also belonged to Jeff's Granddaddy  

 Thankfully be it two or four legged there is usually not a shortage of help around here!!


 Abby & Dixiedog

The boys are ALWAYS up for some fun, especially when Ray is around!!

 Bryce even let Emily get in on the FUN!!

I've NEVER seen him let anyone drive that tractor!!


 Angela & Nette doing a little chicken coup painting


And of course.... Fun at the Rockingham County Fair 


 The Girls

Nette, Abby & Angela


Most of the Mulberry Hills Farm Crew

Rockingham County Fair 2011




Abby & Bryce Phillips First day of school  2011


 Hunter, Bryce, Byron

Abby & Jeff picking to clear

out paths for the customers.